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I'm the editor of &&&, the publishing outlet associated with The New Centre for Research & Practice. With them, I coordinate the &&& Journal and the &&& Books.

Atopia Collection
I've co-founded an art group with a series of rotating guests to organize conceptual events in Brooklyn and publish the Manifesto for Uchronic Gardens.

Arqueologia Imaginária
I've been running a curatorial page to display the records and books I buy while living in New York, called Arqueologia Imaginária.

Posto 4
From 2018 to 2020, I co-founded and edited Moostromag (printed as Posto 4), a magazine for unorthodox non-fiction. There, I edited texts by Michel Serres, Mikel Dufrenne, John Ashbery and others.


You may follow my Instagram, although I'm fairly esoteric-minded and won't necessarily let you in the inner circle. I also post more than I should on Letterboxd and Goodreads, and I have an Academia page for archival purposes.

Email me at [email protected]