Rômulo - About


Rômulo Moraes (b. 1996) is a Brooklyn-based, Brazilian writer, sound artist and researcher.

PhD candidate in Ethnomusicology at City University of New York (CUNY, Graduate Center) with a Fulbright/CAPES Scholarship, he holds a Masters in Culture and Communication from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (ECO-UFRJ) and has worked and taught at The New Centre for Research & Practice. He is the author of "A fauna e a espuma" (7letras, 2023), "Casulos" (Kotter, 2019), and of many sonic pieces, and his essays and reviews have been published on e-flux, The Wire, Aquarium Drunkard, Bandcamp Daily, PopMatters, &&& Journal, LaDeleuziana, Forma de Vida, Contemporânea, and Revista Brasileira de Música, among others.

He is interested in phenomenologies of imagination, the entwinement of pop and experimental, the cosmopoetics of crate digging, and the concept of vibe as an aesthetic category. More located interests include mythology, sound studies, continental philosophy, internet anthropology, speculative fiction, the African diaspora, the Downtown avant-garde, and Brazilian popular music. Other random stuff he likes include weird maps, trash horror, French comics, Modernist poetry, vanilla ice cream and Fluminense FC.

Currently, he's researching the sampling of 1970s MPB in the jazz rap scene associated with Stones Throw Records.